2016: My Year in Review

2016 certainly was a busy year for me. After logging all of my flights on flightdiary.net, the amount of miles traveled surprised even myself. Here are the results:


I traveled on 98 flights, covering a distance of roughly 211,000 miles, which is an average flight length of 2,100 miles and about 8.5 times around the Earth. I spent a total of 2.8 weeks in airplanes, and this does not include the time I lost at airports and layovers. A negative aspect of my travel activities was the amount of emissions produced, totaling to 41.6 tons of CO2 for 2016 - really quite a lot.

Of these 98 flights, 35 were in business and 32 in first, which includes domestic first within North America. I am happy to report that I successfully avoided any longhaul coach flights in 2016. I also did not get stuck in any middle seats in 2016 - certainly a success. In terms of continents covered, my focus was travel in North America, followed by Europe, Asia and Oceania. I did not manage to make trips to South America nor Africa in 2016.

Since I am an Executive Platinum member with American Airlines, most of my travel in 2016 was on American Airlines, followed by United and Qantas.

I was also able to travel on a number of ultra long-haul flights, which are generally defined as flights of 12 hours and more. By that definition, I traveled on three ultra long-haul flights in 2016: Los Angeles to Dubai, Hong Kong to Dallas and Sydney to Doha:

Looking back in terms of great service and truly memorable flights, I would say that my Top 3 flights were:

Number 1: Japan Airlines First Class Tokyo Narita to Chicago

Although Japan Airlines has a relatively outdated First Class hard product when compared to the likes of Emirates, Etihad or Qatar, the crew on my flight was simply stellar, which made my Narita to Chicago flight memorable and special

Number 2: Emirates First Class LAX to Dubai

Emirates has a lot of bling in its premium cabins. While crews can be hit or miss, I lucked out and had an extremely pleasant experience on my flight from LA to Dubai. The crew and the fact that you can take a shower on-board and browse the Internet for free is tough to beat.

Number 3: Etihad First Class Apartment Abu Dhabi to London

The hard product on Etihad's A380 is amazing, there is no way to deny it. I wasn't sure if I should even put my Etihad flight from Abu Dhabi to London on this Top 3 list but decided to do so simply based on the amount of space you get on Etihad's A380s. The crew was definitely sub-par and based on service alone, I wouldn't even rank this flight anywhere near the Top 3.


211,000 miles is a lot of traveling and I probably won't be able to keep up with this pace in 2017. 2016 was an amazing year for me and I am very grateful that circumstances allowed me this amount of flying back and forth around the world. You can check out my full flightdairy.net profile here.

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