In August 2012, I officially became a Purdue Boilermaker at the Department of Aviation Technology (you can see our building in the picture above this text).

It was a truly great time and I enjoyed the two years of my Master's program immensely. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I decided to stick around as PhD student, but more about that later.

I primarily worked on the project below:


Purdue University is proud to be the lead academic institution in the FAA-sponsored PEGASAS Center of Excellence. You can click on the picture above to open a link to the PEGASAS website. The mission of PEGASAS is to research certain problems which have been brought to the universities by the FAA. I had the honor to work on a PEGASAS project called "Angle of Attack Displays in General Aviation". Essentially, we installed a couple of Angle of Attack Indicators in two of our aircraft and measured whether it helped the pilots or not. The final report isn't published yet, but I will provide a link here on my website as soon as it comes out.