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U.S. Airlines Report Declines in Unit Revenue as They Expand Capacity

A number of U.S. airlines have reported declines in passenger unit revenues (PRASM) while also reporting higher capacity numbers. Airline stocks predominantly closed in the negative on Tuesday after investors were concerned that falling revenues couldn't be offset by the record-low fuel prices. Some experts even predict that airlines are repeating past mistakes of expanding capacity while accepting 

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U.S. Airlines Raised Fares in Sector-Wide Hike

U.S. airlines have posted record profits in 2015, mainly due to two main factors. First, the price of oil hit a 11-year low this week, trading at $34.83 for a barrel of Brent crude, which is a slump by more than two-thirds since July 2014. Second, the U.S. airline industry has seen an unprecedented wave of 

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How did American, Delta, Southwest and United do in Q3?

Most airlines based in the U.S. have reported their third quarter earnings over the last three weeks. Thanks to lower fuel prices, most of them were able to report record-breaking numbers. Year-over-year, the price of jet fuel is down about 50 percent, so these great results should not come as a surprise. During the last couple of 

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