My Qualifications

I have spent many years learning about transportation systems and aviation more specifically. After obtaining a bachelor's degree in international business administration from the Vienna University of Business and Economics, I completed a master's degree in aviation and aerospace management at Purdue University. In May 2017, I completed a PhD in technology focusing on sustainability aspects of U.S. airlines at Purdue University.

I have worked at Frankfurt International Airport, Lufthansa Cargo, SWISS World Cargo, and the International Civil Aviation Organization. These experiences have enabled me to see aviation through different perspectives. After all, different things matter to different actors in the air transport sector.

I am a Certified Quality Process Analyst (CQPA) by the American Society for Quality. In  support of and under the direction of quality engineers or supervisors, I am qualified to analyze and solve quality problems. As a Certified Quality Process Analyst, I am familiar with quality concepts such as Six Sigma, Lean or Benchmarking. In addition, I am familiar with data analysis techniques such as Statistical Process Control, Sampling, and Advanced Statistical Analysis.

I am a SAS® Certified Base Programmer for SAS®9. As a SAS Base Programmer, I am able to write basic SAS code and use the software as database management tool. Activities of SAS Base Programmers include: (1) Import and export raw data files, (2) Manipulate and transform data, (3) Combine SAS data sets , (4) Create basic detail and summary reports using SAS procedures, and (5) Identify and correct data, syntax and programming logic errors.

I am a Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting (FSA) credential-holder. The FSA Credential is designed for professionals who benefit from understanding the link between material sustainability information and a company’s financial performance. The FSA Credential consists of two exams. The first exam – Level I – focuses on principles and emerging practices. The second exam – Level II – focuses on application and analysis. Only candidates that pass both exams obtain the FSA Credential.

I have passed the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 exam. The exam tests a person’s knowledge of the content of the G4 Guidelines as well as their command of the five phases of the GRI Reporting process: Prepare, Connect, Define, Monitor and Report. The G4 Exam gives sustainability professionals an opportunity to demonstrate to the market their ability to use the G4 Guidelines. Passing this exam lends additional credibility to candidates as this is the first time GRI has ever validated knowledge of the GRI Guidelines.