SWISS WorldCargo

I wasn't actually sure whether to go ahead with my job at SWISS, given that I really needed to finish my undergraduate degree, but I am glad I did. I was able to secure a job at the Quality Assurance & Safety Training department at SWISS WorldCargo in Zurich, Switzerland, where I worked with my great boss Markus Loeffler and Ruedi Berger.

Since our department was in charge of all training courses for cargo staff, I was heavily involved with our two excellent trainers, Urs and Nelli. I came at just the right time since SWISS was about to introduce a new e-learning system system company-wide, the Learning Management System or short LMS.

I was basically in charge of making sure that the cargo side was prepared for a successful implementation and was involved in the LMS project team. It was an amazing experience and we launched the new e-learning system successfully!